British Labs for hunting families

Peach X Rocket pups arrive 5M &2F

Peach usually gives very little sign of her impending whelping.  A few years ago we were surprised as she greeted us on Christmas eve morning with 10 healthy puppies snuggled under her, trying her best to keep them all warm.  Our calculations had her due date 5 days later.  So, I wasn’t shocked while in the middle of several trips out the front door loading up the truck for my annual deer hunting weekend and getting a couple of dogs geared-up to do a guided pheasant hunt at Traxlers Hunt Preserve when I heard the familiar cry of a new-born puppy.

With no apparent restlessness or panting she whelped her first puppy at about 8:30 am.  By 1:30 pm Peach had seven healthy pups and was looking for a little rest and some food.  All of the puppies have new homes and families patiently waiting for them.


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